The Kybermenschen are a race of mechanically altered humans (and mostly humans). There were several factions of Kybermenschen throughout all of time and space which varied from origin, design, goals, and production values. These groups included the Urdian Kybermenschen, KyberBunch, and the Kybernates (Kybermenschen from an alternate reality).

Amidst all of the varying groups, there was one goal: the strive to unlocking the ultimate potential of life in the universe. They did this through the removal of personal identity, the negation of self-will and emotion, as well as the mechanical augmentation of biological life. This process was known as "KyberTransmogrification."


In all of their various forms, the Kybermenschen had one ultimate purpose: that was to achieve the status of Frederich Nietzche's concept of the Ubermensch. They believed that this status was only possible with the aid of technological implantation.

In almost all forms of the Kybermenschen, they are driven by a single credo known as "The Creed of the Kybermenschen" (IST: The Kreed of the Kybermenschen). It stated that:

  • Human evolution and development was made possible only by the development of tools and technology.
  • The proliferation of technology, however, caused humanity to become weak and decadent.
  • In order for evolution to properly continue, the direct intervention of technology in the process was a necessity.